Singapour chic

  Singapour chic
Petit village de pêche à ses débuts, Singapour est devenue l’une des villes les plus modernes et les plus riches au monde. Singapour Chic matérialise l’esprit et le style de la "ville des jardins", et permet de découvrir cette nation élégante. La (...)
L'Escale de Singapour

  L’Escale de Singapour
· Panorama complet de Singapour et de son évolution · Témoignage historique sur l’évangélisation en Asie · Portraits rares de missionnaires et gravures anciennes de Singapour Ouvrage de référence, ce livre est un témoignage épistolaire sur l’évolution (...)
Les Mémoires de Lee Kuan Yew

  Les Mémoires de Lee Kuan Yew
La lecture de ces deux volumes est essentielle à quiconque s’intéresse à la création d’une nation, à l’histoire et aux enjeux politiques et socio-économiques de l’Asie du Sud-Est. L’Histoire de Singapour est le premier volume des mémoires de Monsieur Lee (...)
Les Français à Singapour

  Les Français à Singapour
Singapour est une nation multiculturelle. Dès la prise de contrôle de l’île par sir Stamford Raffles et la Compagnie britannique des Indes orientales, de nombreux étrangers sont venus s’installer au côté des populations locales. Quelques Européens, dont (...)
Over Singapore

  Over Singapore
• Spectacular contemporary aerial photographs of Singapore. • Vintage aerial photographs by the Royal Air Force shortly before Singapore achieved self-government in 1959. • Evocative text on the story of Singapore’s development by Professor Tommy (...)
Over Singapore 50 Years Ago

  Over Singapore 50 Years Ago
Aerial photographs from the 1950s from the collection of the National Archives of Singapore provide a graphic portrait of the evolution of Singapore’s cityscape in this book. Sites covered include well-known areas such as the Singapore River and (...)
Singapore Cinema

  Singapore Cinema
Filmmaking in Singapore has seen a dramatic revival since the 1990s with the success of movies such as Royston Tan’s 15, Djinn’s Perth, Jack Neo’s I Not Stupid, Eric Khoo’s 12 Storeys and it continues to be highly active with several new productions (...)
Singapore through 19th Century Photographs

  Singapore through 19th Century Photographs
Emphasising the topographical and architectural landscape of the city and its surrounding environs, this visually irresistible city tour of rare and iconic photographs from the 1840s to the early 1900s will transport readers back to the (...)
Singapore Through 19th Century Prints and Paintings

  Singapore Through 19th Century Prints and Paintings
Voyages of scientific exploration, trade and colonial conquest brought many visitors to Singapore in the 19th century, and was further augmented by globe-trotting tourists as travel became increasingly convenient. Much of our understanding of (...)
Singapore : 500 Early Postcards

  Singapore : 500 Early Postcards
> Feuilletez un extrait de cet ouvrage Presenting for the first time through the illustrations of 500 postcards from the author’s private collection, this book offers a rare and comprehensive glimpse into the changing landscapes and lifestyles (...)
Singapore : A Biography

  Singapore : A Biography
> Feuilletez un extrait de cet ouvrage The authors, drawing on research undertaken in collaboration with the National Museum of Singapore, have woven together ancient chronicles, eyewitness accounts, oral histories and even modern radio and (...)
Singapore : A Pictorial History

  Singapore : A Pictorial History
In less than two centuries, Singapore has transformed itself from a small seaside kampong into a modern metropolis. Since the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles, the humble village that was Singapore grew into a thriving colony, then a Straits (...)
Singapore : The Encyclopedia

  Singapore : The Encyclopedia
Singapore : The Encyclopedia contains over 2,500 alphabetically arranged entries on a vast range of topics – practically everything the general reader might want to know about Singapore, four decades after the achievement of full independence. (...)
The Singapore Foreign Service

  The Singapore Foreign Service
his is a vivid account of how a foreign ministry was established at home, and missions were set up abroad. The Singapore Foreign Service is a record of the experiences, often exhilarating and sometimes chaotic, of the pioneers who established (...)
Vintage Singapore

  Vintage Singapore
> Feuilletez un extrait de cet ouvrage A retrospective of the recent past, Vintage Singapore evokes a strong sense of nostalgia and highlights the continuous rebirth of old familiar styles. Focusing on the post-war years, the National Museum of (...)
Wartime Kitchen

  Wartime Kitchen
> Feuilletez un extrait de cet ouvrage Wartime Kitchen : Food and Eating in Singapore (1942–1950) captures the resilience and adaptability of a people faced with limited resources and shortages during the Japanese Occupation and in post-war (...)
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