For over thirty years, Éditions du Pacifique has been offering books on Asian culture and lifestyle. Our collections have evolved to include a variety of works, from watercolors and photography to cookery, literature and more. These creations are the result of inspiring encounters, changing desires and constant passion.


From Tahiti to Singapore to Paris, Les Éditions du Pacifique is dedicated to taking you on a journey. Perpetuating the legacy bequeathed by Didier Millet and Marie-Claude Millet, that’s the goal of Les Éditions du Pacifique. After the great success of the Singapore Sketchbook, the company has developed its watercolor collection, immersing you in a condensation of color, finesse, delicacy and creativity. The aim of this local publishing house was to attract the many visitors who come to discover the beauty of the earth’s jewels.


Like Éditions Didier Millet, our publications are the fruit of a passion for discovery, art, history and the different facets of cultural diversity. We are proud to collaborate with renowned authors, experts in their fields, to offer quality content and unique perspectives.


Whether you’re passionate about exploring world cultures, art history or nature, or you’re looking for uplifting books, Les Éditions du Pacifique is here to provide you with an enriching reading experience. Explore our collection and immerse yourself in a variety of worlds! Les Éditions du Pacifique is your literary partner for unlimited discovery of knowledge and cultural diversity.

Our team

Who is behind Éditions du Pacifique? Discover more about our team of enthusiasts and the founders of our family publishing house. Founded in 1971 by Didier Millet in Tahiti and led by Marie Claude Millet, Éditions du Pacifique have now been taken over by their children Alexandre and Valérie Millet. Today, the team has grown a bit, but the values that shaped this house are still at the heart of our concerns.
Alexandre Millet
Born into a family passionate about the world of publishing, he grew up surrounded by books, as his parents founded Editions du Pacifique. A graduate of the Fine Arts, he embarked on a diversified career in the publishing industry. Among his notable projects is the creation of Bookster, innovative works that merge books and posters. Alexandre is driven by the desire to continue his family’s work and preserve the legacy of their publishing house.
Clara Paumier
Project manager
Following a master’s degree in communication specialized in the publishing industry, she joined Editions du Pacifique as a project manager in 2023. Passionate about publishing since childhood, she is your direct contact within the publishing house. In charge of the store, the distribution of our titles, as well as the editorial follow-up of our new works, feel free to contact her.
Benoit Dupré
Artistic director
After a Master’s in graphic design, Benoit joined Editions du Pacifique as an artistic director. He is behind our latest reissues and the layout of all our future projects. His goal is to give a new image to our titles and to create a new graphic charter for our publishing house; he accompanies the editions in this new transition.